Jayne Michelle ❤️

So... I have been watching too much of the TV show The Bold Type...

And as much as I'm no Jane Sloan with my own vertical in Scarlet Magazine - I felt compelled to start writing again, and why not use Decision Made. for more than just a "brand" website - but more of a movement (cheesy... I know, but hear me out) that makes you feel like you are ready to take that jump in your life, whatever it may be. I would love to create a space for countless powerful women to tell their stories with new blog posts every week!

For DM's first blog post, I want to talk about something that is very close to my heart and truely my biggest motivator in life - my mum. 

Jayne Miller, one of the most inspiring and powerful women to have impacted my life. She was open, fun, free and had a smile that would light up any room she walked graciously into. She was forward thinking in how she mothered me, and how she wanted to live her life. Her goal for as along as I could remember was to work for herself and have her own brand, and I think that because it was so instilled in my mind from a very young age, it become a given that it was what I was meant to do. 

She had passions, so many passions.

She was strong, knew what she wanted and went after it always.

She fell pregnant with me at 25 and was the most amazing mother, yet didn't let that stop her from going after her dreams and make an amazing career for herself. She was always working on bettering herself, and that has continued to inspire me even though she may not visibly be here with me anymore. 

Jayne passed away at the young age of 39, far too early - but continued to inspire & fight until her last minute on this Earth. 

You might be thinking what my reason is for sharing all of this - and to it's core, I really just want to create a feeling of passion and urgency for changing the things in your life you maybe aren't too happy with. As cheesy as it may sound, life is short - and if you don't make today your day one, you might never. You might catch yourself always saying one day, and that's not what we want!

Today is your day one, and I hope that these words, my mum's spirit and maybe even your Day One Jumper (*winky face*) inspires you to make some amazing things happen in your life 💗

Lots of love,

Soph xx